Wednesday, December 14, 2011

There's Still Joy

I came home a week ago to find this inflatable Santa in my yard. My grandchildren put it there. My husband had been threatening to get an inflatable for several years and I always said "Over my dead body". But I guess when your grandkids give you a Santa surprise you just smile and thank them.

Actually, that's been about the last bit of joy we've had in our house lately. My husband's precious 97 year old mother has been in the hospital the past week dying of encephalitis of the brain. I think the worse thing in the world is sitting in a hospital room all day, day after day, watching someone die who is not even conscious you are there. It brings back too many memories of when my mom died one year ago after a massive stroke and 5 days of unconsciousness.

Her funeral is Friday. After traveling back from there I'm going to try real hard to get back in a Christmas mood. After all, Jesus came to give us hope amid our feelings of hopelessness, to give us joy to replace our sorrow, to give us peace when our hearts are troubled. Because the Light of the World came down and shined into our darkness those 2000 years ago, there's always the possibllity of joy. I'm going to grab mine soon.


  1. May His comfort and strength cover you all sister Peggy. I'm glad your grandkids made you smile and warmed your heart. God bless.

  2. I am sorry for your pain. May the God of all comfort give each of you strength for each day.
    And may the lLight of the world bring light to your soul.
    Gotta love what these grand kids do........