Friday, April 27, 2012

Thankful for Little Things

My youngest daughter, Carrie, is having a hard time. That's understandable because her husband recently broke a vertebra in his back and is home recovering from spinal surgery. That in itself is difficult because he is facing a long recovery, and can't do anything to help around the house.

Every day something new happens that she has to deal with that keep piling up and adding to her burden, like the sink disposal goes out, the iphone quits working, and the e-mails don't go through.
You know the frustrations. We've all had them. "When it rains it pours" and she's had a gully-washer at her house.

She called me this morning in tears because her 16 month old daughter fell out of her little rocking chair and gashed her forehead, and she was on her way to the doctor. I assured her these kinds of things happen to little ones all the time and she would be ok.

But I could tell my daughter was at the end of her rope. (She lives 4 hours away so I can't be there to help her.) I prayed on the phone with her and asked God to give her strength to make it through this and all she has to deal with today. I claimed the promise for her, "as thy days so shall thy strength be", Deuteronomy 33:25, and assured her that she could do "all things through Christ who gives her strength", Philippians 4:13.

Then when I got off the phone I prayed some more. I asked God to show up in a real and tangible way and make this easier for her to deal with, since she was beyond overwhelmed. She didn't call the doctor, but was just going to show up, hoping it would be quicker than the emergency room. I thought that at the least, she would have a long wait at the doctors, and at the worse, they would tell her to go on to the emergency room.

But God did answer my prayers and He did show up in real and tangible ways. When she got to the doctor's office they put her immediately in to see the doctor. The doctor told her the baby wouldn't need stitches. He pulled the cut together and put some tape on it. He said it might leave a little scar but nothing to worry about and it would heal quickly and well.

My daughter called me back to relay this news and she was feeling better. I told her to focus on the little things that went right each day and not on the little things that went wrong. There are always little things in each day to be thankful to God for. I need to remember this myself.


  1. I can't imagine the burden for her sister Peggy. But through those tough times, we can learn a lot. The process is indeed tough but it helps us to grow wiser, stronger and with God's help, we will always have the opportunity to see that He does turn everything around to those who truly love Him. I pray for your healing and may His provision and all of His richest blessings be upon you all. God bless and protect you all always. I'm glad the baby is okay. I love that the doctors can use "superglue" literally to glue the cut together if it doesn't need stitches. It's too bad we're not allowed to use it at work for the nurses. I think it would have saved a lot of unnecessary trips to have the inmates' cuts glued together. On the other hand, it is good that we are not allowed...or else, I would have used it to glue those mouths that are disrespectful...Just kidding...

  2. Yes satan continues to attack and disrupt our lives, if we let him. Glad all is well with your grandbaby. Hugs to you dear one.

  3. My heart is heavy for you Carrie, Peggy. I am praying right along with you for things to turn around and for the devil to get his grimy hands off of her, the baby and her husband. I will also ask my Carrie to pray for them.

    My Carrie's husband left her when Susanna was 9 mos. old and it has been a horrible three years for us, but God has taught us so many, many things about His love and compassion for us. That part is good. We would never had made it without the love of our family and friends. We are more than willing to storm the heavens for you guys.

  4. Awe Peggy, I know how hard it is when we watch our children struggle and suffer. Just remember that God has no grandchildren, He will bring them through this, and your prayers can be answered!
    Praying for you and your family for healing and strength at this time.
    & remember, we are never forsaken!
    ~peace & Blessings In Jesus~