Monday, May 28, 2012

Restore Me

Pain Envelopes my body Winding its way through Seeking to get beyond My hardened heart And close enough To the hot healing Touch of Jesus To melt into My heart And restore me to wellness. Thank you to my blogging friends for your prayers. I am still in constant pain. I have an appointment in the morning with a pain management doctor. I pray he can do something to help me. I know Jesus is my only real Healer and I can feel Him working on me spiritually as well as physically. It warms my heart to know that women across the country I haven't ever met are praying for me. It means so very much to me. God Bless you all!


  1. I will be praying for you as you speak with the doctor tomorrow. It is very helpful if you can have someone with you at your appointment. Make sure you write out your questions and concerns beforehand, and don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions. Looking back, the one thing I feel best about with that first visit at a pain clinic, was to tell them that I did not want a narcotic for the pain...Peggy, there are other options out there, medications that really work, that are not narcotics, but are considered narcotic-like that are not addictive. I don't want to name the meds that both my husband and i take for our arthritis on here,(he has rhemetoid arthritis, and I have osteo arthritis)...none of which are narcotics, but work very well. Ask your doctor.
    email me if you want to~the addresss is on my blog profile.
    ~God Bless~

  2. May He reach down and stir your faith even more Peggy. To comfort you in knowing that He Is The Healer! He took your pain on the Cross. Hugs dear one.

  3. Hang in there sister...I pray that He'll give you a break from all of this. God bless and protect you.

  4. BTW, I'm the type not to take narcotics or other pain meds the docs easily prescribe. But for a long time, after having so much neck pain from my work-related injury, I had liked the deep massage from the chiropractor's office at that time. I knew it was scary at that time as they were not considered a health group than now. The TENS unit helped me and then the painful but beneficial deep tissue massage. It also helped that the Lord had brought me to the prison as the work load rarely requires heavy lifting. May you sense His leading towards that road to physical recovery. God bless.

  5. Oh my goodness, what a rugged journey! I would hope (and pray) there is some non-invasive means of ridding you of the troublesome spur. Living in physical pain could be such a joy-thief, not to mention zapping all energy.

    Praying for relief, and soon!