Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sovereign Lord

   We had such a good time with our youngest daughter, Carrie, and my granddaughters, Kaya (3), and Bella (9), last week. They live in Oklahoma. We went to some of the fun and beautiful places in our area: Devil's Den State Park, the castle at Wilson Park, and the University of Arkansas, where we found my daughter's engraved name on the sidewalk (a U.A. tradition).  We also spent some time chilling out on the farm. Carrie has always had a way with animals and her daughters are just like her.
    My daughter and her husband lived here until Bella was four years old. I kept Bella while Carrie taught school and we became very close. It almost killed me when they moved and I hate it that I've missed seeing Kaya grow up. Carrie is really good about sending me pictures by text and on Facebook, so that I feel like I'm still a little part of their lives.

   When they moved is when I learned some important truths:
*1-I CAN LIVE WITHOUT ANYTHING BUT JESUS. But I have to have Him and He is always with me.
*2-GOD IS SOVEREIGN. He always knows what is best for us and He wants the best for us.

   My son-in-law had been without a job for a year when they moved so he could run his stepfather's handyman business. The business there has thrived;  they are renting the best house they have ever had; and Carrie and the girls are thriving, too. They have lots of friends there and lots of activities to do.
   It was a good move for them. God knew it would be. He planned it and has orchestrated all the events. I know I can trust Him with the things I hold most precious.

"You have been my hope, O Sovereign Lord. From my childhood I have trusted you", Psalm 71:5.
"I will praise your mighty deeds, O Sovereign Lord. I will tell everyone that you alone are just", Psalm 71:16.


  1. My Carrie also is good about sending me emails, videos of the kids so I can see changes, and FB posts are fun to keep up with. Sookie is not real cooperative on the phone or skype but in person she is real loving. Your pics are adorable and your writing always touches my heart.

  2. Love those pics sister Peggy. Parting is always hard and I can't imagine my own child moving out someday when he has his own family. But it's His plan like what you said and no matter how much we plan, it's always Him directing our steps. I can't complain then. For He knows what's best. God bless.