Friday, August 26, 2011

Butterfly Dance

I painted this when God took me through the healing process to overcome the childhood sexual abuse. He showed me that I had given up over the years all the things I had loved to do-paint, write poetry, dance, etc. I had spent all my time and energy taking care of the people in my life until there was nothing left of me. I think it is so important, essential even, to take care of yourself and continue to do the things that make you smile inside. Letting God's creativity flow through you is immensely healing. It helped me when I began taking a dance class, painting, and writing again. Sometimes the women looked like butterflies when they flapped their arms as they danced.

Lovely butterflies dance
Pretty butterflies prance
When they all get together
For the Butterfly Dance.

Heavy loads thrown away
Sad tears run down
Only lightness left
All else dropped to the ground.

Their spirits soar
Like the birds up above
Colored wings flapping brightly
Painted by God's love.

They've spent much time
In their gloomy cocoon
Preparing themselves to shine
In darkness like the moon.

They worked very hard
Determined to break out
It is their destiny
None of them doubt.

Free now, they get together
To rejoice and to play
In praise of The One
Who made them this way.


  1. Peggy, you are so gifted! What an incredibly beautiful painting! I am so glad you are taking time to do these things you really love, you obviously are a very creative person...I just love that, it's a true work of art!

    What sort of paint do you work with? I also paint but with far less skill than you do!:)

  2. words and picture are both beautiful.

    Continue to enjoy the freedom......

  3. Wonderful Peggy. The butterfly has many meanings for individuals. A new begining. A change. A new adventure. A healing. Blessings to you dear one.

  4. Wow. That picture could only come from the depths of your heart - - the place of pain, and the place of God's healing touch. How freeing to have a form of release that takes shape in beautiful words & scenes.

  5. Love the picture and the poem, Peggy. Makes me feel free.