Wednesday, September 21, 2011

To Honor My Dad

Today is the one year anniversary of my dad's death. He passed away from a broken heart one month after my mother died of a massive stroke. The sweet legacy they left my family was of a beautiful love story of 66 years. I believe they are in heaven today walking hand in hand. In their honor I'm going to post a poem my mother wrote my dad on their 50th Wedding Annniversary.


I have spent 50 wonderful years with you,

It hasn't all been easy but we have seen it through.

I would say we have had a very good life

And I am glad that I am your wife.

I am looking forward to many more years,

There will be laughter and probably some tears.

By letting the Lord always be our guide,

With family and good friends by our side,

We can face anything that comes our way,

As we live fully each and every day.

Our love has grown since way back in 1944,

So many memories and we are making more.

I love you, honey, and I always will.

Thanks for 50 great years and for loving me still.


  1. I love reading about loving couples who made it through, through thick or thin...I believe her poem was her future vision:

    "I am looking forward to many more years,

    There will be laughter and probably some tears." more tears for forever...

    What a beautiful poem from your mother sister Peggy. I miss my mom and dad, too. Praying their sweet, loving mem'ries will always carry you through. God bless.

  2. Well we know where you got all your writing talent from!!! They looked so cute together. What a legacy!

  3. There is something about getting over the one year mark....
    Thanks for posting this tribute and honouring your parents in this way. Hearing of marriages that really do last is always an encouragement.

    It takes a little time to adjust to being an 'orphan' doesn't it! May God continue to give comfort and strength.