Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year

*Jesus is the Creator of new life.

*Jesus is the Author of new stories.

*Jesus is the Timekeeper of new starts.

*Jesus is the Instigator of new beginnings.

*Jesus is the Promise Giver of new creations.

*Jesus is the Transformer of new hearts.

*Jesus is the Renewer of new thoughts.

*Jesus is the Remedy for new attitudes.

May we all be the recipients of Jesus' newness in this new year. Praying for a happy and healthy new year for all of you. Peggy


  1. Jesus and "new" make a fitting coupling. I'm so glad for the many ways he brings newness to my life everyday.

    Blessings and peace to you, Peggy, as you "trust" God for more in 2012. He will be faithful to lead. May his tender comfort wrap around you as you grieve the passing of Sophie.


  2. So easy to get stuck in the old. I long for new....

    I am sorry about Sophie. Grief comes in so many ways doesn't it.

    May God's love bring strength to you today and through the coming year.