Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Up To My Neck

In the words of Charles Spurgeon, "Sad hearts have a peculiar skill in discovering the most disadvantageous point of view from which to gaze upon a trial. If there were only one slough in the world they would soon be up to their necks in it, and if there were only one lion in the desert they would hear it roar".

Boy, does that describe me! I grew up with a "glass half-empty" view of life. Certain that because of the abuse I was damaged beyond repair. Like Eeyore, searching out the only thornbush in the meadow then sitting under it and lamenting my helpless fate.

My attitude is no small source of frustration to my eternally optimistic husband. He sees everything in the world through "rose-colored glasses". I wish I was like that. I used to have a pair of sunglasses with rose-colored lens and I understood where that saying came from. Everything looks better through rose-colored glasses. In the spring the trees are greener, and in the autumn, oh my, the colors are neon bright.

Alas, now I have a pair of transition sunglasses with plain-Jane brown lenses. I miss my rose-colored glasses. But with Jesus help and an unshakeable faith, I can still see the world as if it's brighter than it is. I can allow Jesus sun to shine down into the darkness. I can look for good in the midst of my chronic health problems. I can be up to my neck in sunbeams.

Charles Spurgeon says it best, "Faith's way of walking is to cast all care upon the Lord, and then to anticapte good results from the worst calamities. Out of the rough oyster-shell of difficulty she extracts the rare pearl of honor, and from the deep ocean-caves of distress she uplifts the priceless coral of experience".


  1. Peggy I am glad you are able to start seeing beyond the darkness. I can so relate to what you shared with not seeing the whole picture because of our pain. May Jesus continue to reign BIG in us and continue to heal. Blessings and hugs.

  2. I like reading the devotionals from Charles Spurgeon. Truly a man of God. It's easier said than done to say that "we will overcome" when we are faced with big trials. But I'm glad that His faithful and true promises are there to remind us that yes, we can fully trust in Him though we don't see Him. God of Able Who will enable us to keep pressing on. I pray for His strength to be yours and may His physical healing be upon us sister. My neck is achy again after a very busy shift last Friday. But to Him be the glory. If not for the strength that He gives me, I don't know what I'll do. Thanks for encouraging me and my faith.

  3. You have such a knack to find quotes that tell so much. I enjoyed your reaction to the colored sunglasses. When I put them on, I remember thinking "this is not normal, not true at all!" Talk about a pessimist.

  4. I like how you refer to Jesus as your best friend. I've long known Him as such in my life too. He is our rose colored glasses too, Peggy. Paul tells us to put on Christ. Imagine if you will, that through His Spirit you are not only putting on all of His attributes (peace, love, faith, JOY, righteousness, etc.) but literally those rose colored glasses that enable us as His best friends, as our Father's children, to see what others cannot see. To see mountains move, to see the seas part, to see life and joy in the simplest of things that others would miss, to see beauty in ashes, and new mercies each and every morning. Here's something that has helped me through those dull, brown colored lense days. Before your feet hit the floor in the morning, say these words out loud. "This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it." You may not feel a thing at first, but I promise you that before you even realize it, something will change in you. The Word of God is powerful and transforms even this stubborn mind of ours.
    Much love to you today, my dear.