Thursday, July 14, 2011

In The Garden

My husband and I are taking a much needed, and hopefully relaxing, vacation next week. Here's a little reminder to you, and to myself, to enjoy the simple pleasures of summertime.

In The Garden

My heart is lifted
when I sit in the garden.

I feel close to God
when I sit in the garden.

The warm breezes play
soft and gentle on my face.

It's the middle of July
and the flowers are praising.

They seem to say
"Don't strive. Rest in God".

Like He would say
if He spoke outloud.

The birds are singing
in a sweet melody

"God's grace covers all.
Your sins are forgiven".

The bees flirt with me
and the butterflies beckon.

As I bask in these
moments of simple joy

my heart is filled
with the wonder of God.


  1. Oh, I do hope that vacation includes some garden time?!!

    Enjoy your retreat.

  2. Thank you for the reminder..... and enjoy your time off with your husband next week.