Saturday, May 7, 2011

To Honor My Mother

My beautiful, loving, giving, and gifted mother, Rosemary Irene Smith, passed away August 18, 2010, after suffering a massive stroke. My dad passed away a month later, September 21, 2010. After being married for 66 years in their earthly life, I know they are walking hand in hand in heaven, together forever. I miss my mother terribly. I loved her so much.
The legacy my parents left to our family was a beautiful love story lasting over a century. They loved each other just as much in their elderly years as when they were young. They were never far apart. Here's a poem mother wrote:

Gratitude by Rosemary Irene Smith

Throughout the years so many things
Have helped make life worthwhile
The handclasp of a precious friend
A mother's tender smile.

Softened beauty of the skies
Dim twilight by the sea
Winds whispering through the stately pines
Bring happiness to me.

Bright dewdrops on a fragrant rose
Soft patter of the rain
The great Physician's healing touch
When on a bed of pain.

Sweet childish voices filled with glee
While at their work or play
Courageous youth whose noble dreams
Inspire us on life's way.

Sufficient strength for daily tasks
The knowledge of His love
Great challenge of a needy world
Firm faith in God above.

Rich fellowship of human hearts
Blest sacred worship hour
The thrill of seeing lives transformed
By Christ's redeeming power.

For these and countless other gifts
In constant debt we are
Lord, somehow may we find the way
To live more thankfully.

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  1. What a beautiful poem. Your mother is a talented writer. Happy Mother's Day.