Friday, April 29, 2011

Make New

Jesus' bright light
of healing
flowed into
the dark channels
of my heart,
shining in dark crevices
taking out shadows
illuminating under
sparkling around
with mercy
with grace
to remake
to mold
to make new
this child of His.


  1. I love both the picture and the sentiments. Isn't it wonderful that He doesn't just clean up a bit here and there in our hearts; but grants us brand new ones?! It baffles me to think that He makes all things new, redeeming even those things that once sought to hurt or destroy me.

    Blessings as you move from those dark channels to illumined heights!


  2. His healing power can search out our deepest pain. Right to the core. If we are willing to go through the pain. Blessings to you Peggy.