Friday, March 11, 2011

It's A Miracle!

God is still in the business of making miracles. I get to see one firsthand today when my daughter, her 6 year old, and her 2.5 month old baby girl come for a visit. My daughter wasn't supposed to get pregnant again because of health problems and she had several serious complications during her pregnancy.
But the labor and delivery were normal and a perfect, beautiful baby girl was born. We call her our "miracle baby".

 This new life was such a blessing for our family after losing both of my beloved parents last summer one month apart.

God is good. He's more than good. 

*God's love is lavish (unrestrained and generous in giving, "Webster's Dictionary")-He knows our every need and provides abundantly, often before we even recognize we have a need.

*God's love is powerful (possessing great force, strength, energy and authority)-He is greater than our past or any obstacles that rise up against us, ensuring us the victory.

*God's love is compassionate (to cherish, to feel tender, to love deeply like a parent for their child)-God is our Heavenly Father. All our lives He watches us. He guides and protects us. But unlike human parents, His love is perfect and unconditional.

*God's love is healing (restore to health or soundness)-Only Jesus, "The Great Physician", heals us from the inside out and doctors our wounded hearts to wholeness.

"The Lord will surely comfort Zion; and will look with compassion on all her ruins; He will make her deserts like Eden; her wastelands like the garden of the Lord. Joy and gladness will be found in her, thanksgiving and the sound of singing", Isaiah 51:3. NIV

I love my granddaughters with all my heart. They are one of the great joys of my life, and I am thankful for every minute I get to spend with them. And, althought it's absolutely amazing, that's how God feels about me. It's a miracle!

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  1. Peggy, appreciate the positive words here from God's word. Blessings to you.