Saturday, March 26, 2011

Walking Into The Light

She's walking carefully
into the light,
one step at a time,
with anticipation, with dread.

Because, you see, she's
comfortable with the darkness.
Like a heavy cloak
it has covered her life.

Burdensome and tightly woven,
it has protected her,
kept her in her place,
provide some security.

Cornered in its' stiff embrace
she could stay numb,
abide in comfort,
safely hidden from all,

an unyielding cocoon,
a closed tunnel.
Thought she was trapped
it was what she knew.

Now she's walking cautiously
toward Jesus' light,
moment by moment,
hand in hand with Him.


  1. Hey dear one, blessings to you this day Walking into the light can certainly be scary. Many have been afraid of the light. Praying dear one that your journey into His brightness, as mine, will continue and we will one day be set totally free!

  2. Such a profound, safe & warm place to abide: The Light!

    Be warmed and strengthened today, and always,